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Regular trade is waste of money

Hello Friends,

We are now seven years hitting roads with our food truck.


We turned around bad results when we joined forces with an event management organisation for prestigious London locations. Wembley was born as a home for Rainer’s Bavarian Grill.


Rainer’s Bavarian Grill became an attraction for tourists and today we are targeting office workers and the builders of one of London’s fastest growing tourist attraction.

Is regular trade a no go approach? Well, yes and no. It works in general for the mainstream food trucks such as a British burger van.

We need more catering contracts. Call now on 0800 074 3655.

Would you like a German themed event complete with Polka band and Lederhosen Gaudi and also Rod Stewart playing live tunes?
Possible with us.

We have all the professional people to transform your event into a memorable event generations after you will talk about.



p style=”text-align:left”>…at our fingertips. Call now and ensure that your next event does meet the attraction it deserves.
Call 0800 074 3655 for a FREE quote.

Warm regards
Stefan Schenkelberg
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

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Flea markets in London

Analysing flea markets as part of ‘Rainer’s Bavarian Grill without the oil’ growth strategy

The difficulties for us as a up market food stall operator are complex but justifiable when we look back.

London’s markets are not typical of what we see in continental Europe.

The majority of these markets have certain characteristics. Here you can find the usual junk-shops selling clothes and souvenirs but also a great variety of fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices and lots of junk food stalls that can be described as provisional at best. 

But, having said that, ‘Rainer’s Bavarian Grill without the oil’ is not really a good fit in these places as we need to draw quality footfall to our specialist food trailer.

The difficulty is as far as I can see that the urban and suburban areas are lacking of local small-scale producers, micro-businesspeople, those that could have a stall to showcase their goods to draw in a good crowd of visitors or, as I call it, quality footfall.

In addition, once a certain level of quality stalls have been identified at these markets, others will become suddenly aware of the potential and the situation could change for the better.

Ways of encouraging quality stallholders by the market management still need, I believe, to be better defined, while the market forces capable of triggering a virtuous cycle of synergy are not clearly identified yet and so are not available, as they should be, in the short term.

It’s a popularity matter: Once a good standard of these flea markets has been attained the ratings go up and e.g. you will see Walthamstow market mentioned next to Portobello Market on the ‘i love markets’ webportal (see
A brief analysis provided by Stefan Schenkelberg, co-owner of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s signature trailer Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

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St Albans Street Trading Policies

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas! We need your support here:

‘Some time ago, we attempted to apply for a street trading license for Rainer’s Bavarian Grill with St Albans City & District Council. Before we were able to start the application procedure we were confronted by very odd trading policies. “Food traders that wish to trade on the market should use gas. No electricity is provided and the operation of generators is not allowed.”‘

Why St Albans? Well, it’s an historical and wealthy town in the heart of Hertfordshire and neighboring to the home of Rainer’s Bavarian Grill. We would not want to miss to spoil the taste buds of the people of St Albans. St Albans impresses during the holiday season with a boarder wide known German style Christmas market.

In Wiki you can read about the history of this town: ”

After the Roman withdrawal the town, became the centre of the territory or regio of the Anglo-Saxon Waeclingas tribe.

St Albans Abbey and the associated Anglo-Saxon settlement were founded on the hill outside the Roman city where it was believed St Alban was buried. An archaeological excavation in 1978, directed by Martin Biddle, failed to find Roman remains on the site of the medieval chapter house.  Read more

This issue has now become a more important one to tackle as Rainer’s Bavarian Grill is looking to secure profitable locations to be able to win over a maximum of customers to grow their business. St Albans has the potential to become a lucrative trading location for the specialist food vendor.

Stefan Schenkelberg, the co-owner, said: “There is no reason for this Council’s Street Trading Department to ignore messages. We have repeatedly contacted them and didn’t receive any response. If we find someone to be arrogant and proud, we advise him to be diligent in his Awrad, so he may kill the egos.”

Here is the complaint and we ask the Council, hopefully with the help of Social Media, that they find the need to respond to this:

Good Afternoon,

we run a mobile food business in Potters Bar. Our plan is to trade in neighboring St Albans on the farmers market (I have attached a picture showing our set up). However, our wish to trade is hampered by the policy your council has adapted for street traders. I find it ridiculous to be treated like this and I like to complain about your services:

When a customer has commercial interest he or she musn’t been prevented from excercising the company’s good practise policy by the council’s inefficiency. We have a petrol generator to run our appliances at our food trailer and we also use mains electricity when trading at markets. The council has adapted a policy to tell caterers to come with gas equipment or else don’t come trading at all. This is unfair to all caterers that are not using gas and musn’t been tolerated as it is contrary to good customer practise and in direct contravention to the policy statement (see

Kind regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg

Hope this helps our Business Development Goals for 2017; an operation in full swing with all obstacles to be minimized or even to be ruled out… they need to be able to include St Albans as trading location when considering strategies to grow a large customer base in the shortest possible time for their ambitious specialist food trailer.

Good luck, fairness and success for 2017
Good luck, fairness and success for 2017

One of our Business’s New Year’s Resolutions is certainly the clarification by St Albans City & District Council as any such policies would certainly be considered counterproductive to their aim to help grow small businesses in economically difficult and uncertain times, especially following BREXIT.

How can you help?

Please hit the ‘like’ button below to support our wish to engage with trading activity on the St Albans market in 2017.

We wish our friends a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

The Business Development Team
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

We don’t want this to escalate but we do need answers. The Council has responded to a tweet:

Council's initial response
Council’s response


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Beer tent and more..

take the survey now
take the survey now click here

foodvoucher ad

Thought about everything for the Bavarian-esque catering?

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering coordinates events. More, go here

Within the meaning of Oktoberfest and Hofbräuhaus entertainment (dancing to traditional tunes etc) we are interested to streamline the coordination in terms of food and drinks….”as to what is most essential:” Coffee and Tobacco. Because we know that coffee, tobacco and sea air alone won’t fill you up, we better ask for your opinion of the choice of stalls on a scale from 1 to 5 (while 5 means the highest importance or ‘very good’).

Bavarian marquee
hofbraeuhaus themed marquee
customer area
extraordinary hospitality, Bavarian food, fun and entertainment


take the survey now
take the survey now click here

We are continually looking to improve our services. Our aim is to bring the enjoyment of the culture we have been brought up with to London.

We would love to ask you a few questions on your expectations of village fetes and how we can help these festivals to be most enjoyable events.

The survey will take no more than 5 minutes of your time and at the end you can
enter our prize draw for a £10 Rainer’s Bavarian Grill voucher*. Please, when you finish, leave your email address and send a short message to news(at) with ‘Service Testing Small Bavarian Style Village Fetes’ in the subject line.

You have until Friday 30th of September to take the survey and enter the prize draw.

Terms and Conditions apply. For further details click here


Thank you!


Warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg
Gourmet Express Mobile Catering – Business Development

P.S. Check out our latest newsletter, go here

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Marylebone trade




p style=”text-align:left”>Day one of our new Saturday taste buds spoiling at this wonderful market in the London Borough of Westminster proved to be successful and also well-timed.

The Walthamstow Market in the London Borough of Waltham Forest has more a character of a flea market with cheap and very cheap goods for bargain hunters whereas Marylebone offers bedazzled visitors with quality materials, the finest fabrics and sophisticated details. Food stalls are painstakingly selected and we believe a Bavarian themed food stand fits well with the quality conscious visitors of the Marylebone market.

In terms of footfall East London’s Walthamstow market impresses by a large majority of foreigners. Mainly, as far as our demographic survey revealed when we looked at customers to our food stall, from Eastern Europe, places like Romania, Poland and Turkey. A few German people also visited our stall.

This week, the beginning of the school holidays, showed a substantial decline in Walthamstow for us and… we were even and at times struggling.

We look forward to day 2 of the Cabbages & Frocks market this coming Saturday and would like to invite you and your family to join us at Rainer’s Bavarian Grill where we offer again a variety of Gourmet food items from our flagship kitchen; Rainer’s Bavarian Grill is housed in a 10.2 feet high Giant Can.

 Warmest regards
Stefan Schenkelberg
Founder – Business Development





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Final preparations are under way to start our East Street Market PR campaign.

event pic
open for business
food tasting pic
food tasting event announced

Download your event menu here: Food Tasting Event

For decades restaurants were at the sole mercy of newspaper reviewers, they now also have the opportunity to reach a group of key online influencers – the bloggers.

We have invited for an intimate afternoon of dining and entertainment, members of this influential group to discover the Bavarian themed food outlet and its delights.

Clearly, we want to bring food lovers to the ‘can’ and create news to resonate with the local foodie audience.

We decided to put on an event to showcase Rainer’s Bavarian Grill dining experience. But in a city well-versed in multinational cuisine, a simple snack at the venue would not be enough. We needed to create an innovative tasting event.

Bavarian Themed Set Up
new Bavarian themed setup

Our aim is to drive changes in perceptions of German food and food-on-the-go.

More food enthusiasts are needed, those that want to be spoiled on the evening of our tasting event. The ideal guest would be YOU who travels the country extensively in search of the very best food stories.

Our full up-to-date menu offerings can be accessed here: Gourmet Express Food

Guten Appetit wünscht

Stefan Schenkelberg



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unfair to specialized food vendors

Why is one of the London Councils unfair to mobile food businesses?

We re-acted with a petition and we ask you to join us. Go here to access the petition. change logo


menu card
to sell from home?

Stefan Schenkelberg, the owner, disagrees with the treatment he received when he approached the LB of Camden  with a pitch proposal for their food wagon. People often have great difficulty in putting their feet into someone else’s shoes. Stefan points out two issues in an effort to highlight management failures:

  1. PEOPLE ARE NOT TRUSTWORTHY They clearly state: “The procedure to approve a pitch can take up to three weeks.”  It really took them five and a half weeks to come back with the result.
  2. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR DIVERSITY IN THE FOOD OFFERING They reject our food wagon because of what they perceive is our lack of a strong enough menu card. They wanted us to know that we are not wanted. Look, they state: There are spaces on the market but not for you guys.. and they add a kind sentence at the end of their message to the German food stall owner. Something along these lines: “Come back to us for a different market but you have to submit a fresh application.”

How disgusting is this? Imagine, you run a mobile business and you need to have a permanent trading spot  in order to find your customers for your products. Imagine a make or break scenario because you have started with this one unit (you don’t have another unit operating to absorb losses when one unit faces e.g. trading obstacles) you have and you need to safeguard a trading platform from where you can sell all the time.  If you fail for only one day, you lose trade worth one day; it’s really that simple! So for you ‘break or fail’. It’s all singing and dancing for some; You discuss what you want to do and you receive a verbal agreement. You learn that you have to wait for the decision for up to 3 weeks. “That’s fine” you think in your, what you later realize, ill-advised positive mind towards others in business. Your positive attitude to believe that people you deal with in authority and management are trustworthy and efficient just like you see yourself suffers yet another setback. Why?  Because you failed to imagine how quickly people/ messed up individuals change. When you talk with them they can be friendly but the minute you leave they turn their back on you and look for the first opportunity to criticize you in a false-hearted manner. People call it back-stabbing. Imagine also, you rely on people’s agreement when you meet with them. Just imagine, you really want to take people you meet serious when they talk business with you. There is this old saying Stefan learnt when he worked as a sales consultant for a company in Wilshire, a firm concerned about quality management: “Say what you do, do what you say and stick to it/ prove that you have done it!” This is a very powerful saying and unfortunately not many people have this personality attitude  in today’s world of laziness and inefficiency caused most often by lack of motivation and unhappiness in the work place. Worst, they have policies in place and in their mind they think that the organization’s policy is there to be broken.

For the Schenkelberg couple, they need clear directions, no if and buts but yes or no

They offer an innovative concept of healthy food preparation and they are advocates of diversity in the food offering.

They don’t put up with stupidity and they see authority as what it says in the name

We are waiting Mr Mayor for your response: “Allow innovative specialized food wagon to serve the Camden Town Community! Camden Town need diversity in the food offering.

There mustn’t be any room for discrimination against wurst in your department.”

Please support us. May we kindly ask 4 your help? It’s about diversity in the food offering & we need 10k signatures. Can you help? Join us here: CHANGE.ORG PETITION

change logo



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Air-frying technology, a make or break for the food industry

‘The technology to improve health and wellbeing is there: Use it or do something else’ Stefan Schenkelberg said.

“a stern warning to restaurants and chip shop owners by the owner of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering”


A gadget, used in their kitchen, that uses super-fast air to make perfect chips without any oil.

When it first became introduced to the market, about 3 years ago, it sounded like a lot of hot air, it’s now proven reality ..because it is.

Philips has invented a frying machine that it claimed gives you that same satisfying fatty taste – but without the oil.

For now over two years Gourmet Express Mobile Catering uses this gadget to serve (and to have served thousands of satisfied customers) customers and they all are full of praise of the new exclusive new technology once they have tasted the food.

We feel it is about time to explain the technology a bit more. The AirFryer uses Rapid Air Technology, hot air in other words, to cook the kind of meals that would traditionally be dunked in a deep fat fryer.

By circulating air up to 200C around foods like chips, sausages or schnitzel, Philips has proven that they have invented the right equipment that is able to brown them off nicely with up to 80 per cent less fat and not sacrificing the taste.

The AirFryer looks quite the opposite of a bulky deep frying machine for commercial caterers, it looks like a large rice cooker and has a chunky tray which can be removed, filled with food and put back inside.

Twelve minutes later the meal emerges hot and crisp and, as a proven fact, far healthier for our customers.

It produces a brown and crispy finish – and cuts the calories – in everything from schnitzel/ pork loin pieces to scampi.

A batch of handmade chips would need just half a spoonful of oil and will take 12 minutes to cook. We use oven ready fries and we cook them to a crisp in just nine minutes. Hamburgers (we call them Frikadelle), Bratwurst or Schnitzel are dealt with in similar times.

The device uses a grill and a fan to blast very hot air around food at high speeds. This achieves what scientists call the Maillard effect, the browning and crisping process seen when food is fried, roasted, toasted or even baked.

Because fries are so popular, they are responsible for Britons consuming 240,000 kilos of hidden fat every year according to research conducted by Philips.

Our AirFryer has helped cut this figure, and allows customers to enjoy their favourite meals with a clean conscience.

The device is a perfect solution for those nervously using traditional chip pans, which are notorious for being the cause of major fires in chip shops throughout the country. More than 50 people die in the UK alone due to chip pan fires.

About two years ago, Rob Dobson, the commissioner of London Fire Brigade, which had just launched its Cooksafe campaign about the danger of chip pans, said, we quote: “Any gadget that reduces the number of people cooking with lots of hot oil is a good thing.”

Crucially, it tastes most satisfying and that has proven to be a fact.

It also has an air filter so, no matter how much like fried food it tastes like, our kitchen won’t give off smell like a chip shop.

Airfryer technology, advanced solutions that help contribute to people’s health and well-being, ‘Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s owner Stefan Schenkelberg said.

“The technologies we use live up to that promise by helping people live a healthy life. Healthy cooked food should be the way forward to any food conscious thinking establishment including the small family owned fish shop ‘around the corner’ in this country. I believe we have in our early years on the market already proven to be an encouragement for the catering industry in general to improve ‘their act’; the technology is available, if they don’t use it they should do something else: it’s the health and wellbeing of customer at stake and every caterer must use their authority to make an impact.”

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Thuringer Bratwurst – German street food with a twist


BratwurstBratwurst must be one of the simpler snacks available, finest beef or pork sausages grilled, and definitely one of the favorite German street food items. Much depends on how they are served. We wouldn’t want to serve a raw Bratwurst, not to the Brits! Well, the most common type of Bratwurst is the pre-cooked kind. Their shelf-life is longer and they are easier and faster to grill. They are pale and stiff in appearance. These Bratwurst are fully cooked. We simply brown them in our airfryer and they are finished and ready to be eaten.




There has been a trend throughout the world, to tap back into our nations’ gritty, basic street food culture and feature these loved foods, using exceptionally high quality produce in a modern setting (of course with WIFI).

In London, we have the Bavarian Beerhouse, a German restaurant and bar that serves German cuisine using a range of high quality meats such as beef, lamb and even chicken, e.g. roasted chicken served with potato salad or Bockwurst sausages, served with potato salad and mustard.

Bavarian Beerhouseyes, that’s me on this picture, enjoying roasted Chicken

Purists, and lovers of the Indian tandoori or Piri Piri may wince, but there is a market, and a need to enjoy the comfort foods of our youth..while at the same time tapping into free access to the innerwebs.

I think sometimes tourists need to preserve a sense of our guidebook understanding and expectations of a place.

While I think street restaurants like Bavarian Beerhouse go a long way in preserving food culture by keeping up with current market needs, there’s a lot to be said about a Currywurst, hot off the grill, eaten on the street corner under a lampost with smudged lipstick and your hair smelling of cigarette smoke from the bar… but often the unknown fast food delicatess in England I must admit.

You will note that the big American fast food franchises are not majorly supported in Germany. “Why would we, when we eat so good?” said a lady teacher when I chatted to her about German food.


Article by Stefan Schenkelberg, founder of Gourmet Express M C