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hope you are coping? The weather over here is brilliant; sunny and getting warm..I am already sitting in my garden office to write to you.

Our agent has made changes to the trading spots for our food truck. Southwark Park Road has been downgraded due to lack of footfall and as I understand the problem to attract quality stalls to boost the attractiveness of the ‘Blue Market.’ New prominent London trading spots have been added to the list.

Sadly, having explained this we are no longer trading at ‘The Blue Market’ on a Saturday and we will only consider Bermondsey for special events. Check our main website at for updates.

You can find us during the week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Wembley, three minutes walk from Wembley Park Train Station and right in front of the famous stadium in the square.

Enjoy your weekend.

Warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

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Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

Amid tough times, family finds business opportunity and stuck with it for now over six years.

do what you say, say what you do and..stick with it

When the economic downturn forced Stefan Schenkelberg to terminate his once successful sales consultant role for an ISO certifications company back in 2010, he didn’t stick his heads in the sand and give up.

Instead, the Schenkelberg couple got creative.

Regina Schenkelberg picture
Regina Schenkelberg

They pulled together the home baked German food specialities of pastry chef Regina Schenkelberg and authentic hot dogs supplied by wholesale, pocked it up in a concession stand and hit the road.

The Schenkelbergs now travel through London selling their award-winning German fare in their portable food vending trailer, christened Rainer’s Bavarian Grill. “It’s a tribute to my husband’s late brother Rainer,” said Regina Schenkelberg, matriarch of the family.

Stefan and Regina Schenkelberg have two children who grew up working in the

Stefan Schenkelberg with son Trevor picture
Stefan Schenkelberg with son Trevor

food business with their parents. The couple’s youngest, Trevor, 18, continues to fulfill the family’s food duties by working and touring with his parents …when he is not at college.

The three Schenkelbergs spend about half of the year living in their fifth wheel, currently parked just outside London close to the M25.
“We just love England,” Stefan Schenkelberg said.

The German delicacies served up by the Schenkelbergs at fairs, festivals and markets include bratwurst, a traditional sausage from northern Bavaria, and knackwurst, a smoke-flavoured speciality also known as “knacker”.

Their supplier for the Knacker is a specialist butcher in Oxfordshire, which according to Stefan makes sausages that even native Germans can’t distinguish from those manufactured in the federal republic.

Stefan said: “People love the Knacker. A woman from Berlin who tried them said they reminded her of her childhood. Sourcing meat locally does make sense.

“We also do beef sausages, chicken and turkey sausages, and even vegan sausages.”

Stefan prepares the award-winning German Curry Sauce with a ‘kick’ every morning prior to their taste buds spoiling missions.

Currywurst picture
Germany’s favorites

‘It’s a bit more unusual than normal fair food and we contribute to health and wellbeing’ said Trevor Schenkelberg, one of the sons of the family, and he referred to the air frying technology installed in their kitchen.

The family is constantly working on and in the business. This entails several hours of administrative work per day to keep the concessions coming by researching, applying for and booking events. ‘It’s a lot more complicated than people think!,’ Schenkelberg said. ‘It takes a lot of planning.’ The cost associated with finding, applying for and being accepted as a vendor at some festivals can be quite high. Some require non-refundable deposits — large sums.

concession stand picture
The portable food vending trailer where they sell their award-winning German fare, including Knackwurst and Currywurst.

The Schenkelberg couple is not resting on their laurels, never did in their seven year’s touring experience with the ‘can’. Attending market events is a must do for them to retain a cash flow situation to attend events for their festival rocker.


Flea markets in London

Analysing flea markets as part of ‘Rainer’s Bavarian Grill without the oil’ growth strategy

The difficulties for us as a up market food stall operator are complex but justifiable when we look back.

London’s markets are not typical of what we see in continental Europe.

The majority of these markets have certain characteristics. Here you can find the usual junk-shops selling clothes and souvenirs but also a great variety of fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices and lots of junk food stalls that can be described as provisional at best. 

But, having said that, ‘Rainer’s Bavarian Grill without the oil’ is not really a good fit in these places as we need to draw quality footfall to our specialist food trailer.

The difficulty is as far as I can see that the urban and suburban areas are lacking of local small-scale producers, micro-businesspeople, those that could have a stall to showcase their goods to draw in a good crowd of visitors or, as I call it, quality footfall.

In addition, once a certain level of quality stalls have been identified at these markets, others will become suddenly aware of the potential and the situation could change for the better.

Ways of encouraging quality stallholders by the market management still need, I believe, to be better defined, while the market forces capable of triggering a virtuous cycle of synergy are not clearly identified yet and so are not available, as they should be, in the short term.

It’s a popularity matter: Once a good standard of these flea markets has been attained the ratings go up and e.g. you will see Walthamstow market mentioned next to Portobello Market on the ‘i love markets’ webportal (see
A brief analysis provided by Stefan Schenkelberg, co-owner of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s signature trailer Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

St Albans Street Trading Policies

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas! We need your support here:

‘Some time ago, we attempted to apply for a street trading license for Rainer’s Bavarian Grill with St Albans City & District Council. Before we were able to start the application procedure we were confronted by very odd trading policies. “Food traders that wish to trade on the market should use gas. No electricity is provided and the operation of generators is not allowed.”‘

Why St Albans? Well, it’s an historical and wealthy town in the heart of Hertfordshire and neighboring to the home of Rainer’s Bavarian Grill. We would not want to miss to spoil the taste buds of the people of St Albans. St Albans impresses during the holiday season with a boarder wide known German style Christmas market.

In Wiki you can read about the history of this town: ”

After the Roman withdrawal the town, became the centre of the territory or regio of the Anglo-Saxon Waeclingas tribe.

St Albans Abbey and the associated Anglo-Saxon settlement were founded on the hill outside the Roman city where it was believed St Alban was buried. An archaeological excavation in 1978, directed by Martin Biddle, failed to find Roman remains on the site of the medieval chapter house.  Read more

This issue has now become a more important one to tackle as Rainer’s Bavarian Grill is looking to secure profitable locations to be able to win over a maximum of customers to grow their business. St Albans has the potential to become a lucrative trading location for the specialist food vendor.

Stefan Schenkelberg, the co-owner, said: “There is no reason for this Council’s Street Trading Department to ignore messages. We have repeatedly contacted them and didn’t receive any response. If we find someone to be arrogant and proud, we advise him to be diligent in his Awrad, so he may kill the egos.”

Here is the complaint and we ask the Council, hopefully with the help of Social Media, that they find the need to respond to this:

Good Afternoon,

we run a mobile food business in Potters Bar. Our plan is to trade in neighboring St Albans on the farmers market (I have attached a picture showing our set up). However, our wish to trade is hampered by the policy your council has adapted for street traders. I find it ridiculous to be treated like this and I like to complain about your services:

When a customer has commercial interest he or she musn’t been prevented from excercising the company’s good practise policy by the council’s inefficiency. We have a petrol generator to run our appliances at our food trailer and we also use mains electricity when trading at markets. The council has adapted a policy to tell caterers to come with gas equipment or else don’t come trading at all. This is unfair to all caterers that are not using gas and musn’t been tolerated as it is contrary to good customer practise and in direct contravention to the policy statement (see

Kind regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg

Hope this helps our Business Development Goals for 2017; an operation in full swing with all obstacles to be minimized or even to be ruled out… they need to be able to include St Albans as trading location when considering strategies to grow a large customer base in the shortest possible time for their ambitious specialist food trailer.

Good luck, fairness and success for 2017
Good luck, fairness and success for 2017

One of our Business’s New Year’s Resolutions is certainly the clarification by St Albans City & District Council as any such policies would certainly be considered counterproductive to their aim to help grow small businesses in economically difficult and uncertain times, especially following BREXIT.

How can you help?

Please hit the ‘like’ button below to support our wish to engage with trading activity on the St Albans market in 2017.

We wish our friends a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

The Business Development Team
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

We don’t want this to escalate but we do need answers. The Council has responded to a tweet:

Council's initial response
Council’s response


Food safety paramount

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill penalised

This email was sent today to explain the situation:

On another note, we have so far. 5 weeks traded, received 4 penalty charge notices amounting to £520. I have posted a letter appealing all charges. Please find two images attached showing the latest appeals we have lodged with the Council. Unless the Council does something about it we are risking to cause more contraventions. We do not risk our customers health for ill-designed trader’s parking restrictions and I refer to your policy. I expect we will have fines imposed for around £500 each month and urge the Council to do something to prevent us from the contravention. Our food trailer is not safe until I can tick off all boxes, after-trade cleaning methods and procedures mustn’t be interfered with and of course…procedures have to be quickly carried out to prevent bacteria from spreading in the food areas.

This automated camera picture taking programming has to be adjusted to meet all traders requirements including those that deal with food and ultimately with bacteria.

I trust you’ll understand (letters have just been posted and will arrive at the respective council departments by tomorrow).

Kind regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg
Camden Bratwurst Pillar Ltd
I am aware that the Councils main concern is to raise revenue and they do everything possible even using cameras for crime prevention to manipulate to hold their traders accountable if they are not leaving at a certain time.

I’ll keep you updated as things progress

Stefan Schenkelberg


Praise for Gourmet Express M C

Good Evening,

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill ( is now operating in Walthamstow since the End of April this year.

Our Bavarian themed German food stall stands out indeed and on a Saturday it becomes the attraction for the whole of the family. Visit Walthamstow and the St James Street Station end of the market where a new food court is to be created by the LB of Waltham Forest for the many visitors this 1.75 miles long market street attracts.

People are beginning to paise the food stall and we are very proud to be able to achieve the endorsement and hope that many more reviews will follow as our food stall becomes established.
To check out our first review, go here: THE REVIEW

I wish you and your families a relaxing bank holiday tomorrow and a successful new week.

Warm regards,
Stefan Schenkelberg, founder


first three days

Good Evening Friends,

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering entered a new phase of operation last week when their flagship catering mobile ‘Rainer’s Bavarian Grill’ was set up for the first time at Walthamstow Market in London E17 7DB.

inside street restaurant
Gourmet Express M C customer service experience

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill (formerly known as the Giant Can), the crowd pulling burger van experience of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering for now over five years, is located on 20 High Street, Walthamstow, just 2 minutes walk from St James Street train station.

St James Street train station next to Rainer's Bavarian Grill
St James Street train station Walthamstow

In addition to the marquee Gourmet Express M C utilizes an even more unique structure, a 10-foot tall Can with a small kitchen inside.

A pure and natural ethos characterizes the cooking style of Regina and Stefan Schenkelberg with their upmarket mobile restaurant.

Burgers and more
Burgers and more..

Bold flavors emerge from their innovative compositions, while simple preparations of authentic Bavarian meat products and other offerings subtly tease the palate. With a focus on authentic German quality meat products including of course the finest supersized burger with the full aromatic flavour called ‘Frikadelle’, the food truck hosts ensure a dining experience unlike any other. Sumptuous and visually arresting desserts from Executive Pastry Chef Regina Schenkelberg conclude the dining experience on a sublime note.

Come and join us this coming week. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from
11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Your Business Development Team
@Gourmet Express Mobile Catering