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moving to Enfield

Our blog post entitled

Family to name Islington food outlet in memory of their “loving” Rainer                           READ THE FULL STORY


has sparked some interest.

Tribute to Rainer
Tribute to Rainer

It didn’t take too long for the food operators to locate another pitch in the North of London and they were actually looking to move to Edmonton Green to resume trading on a busy car park.

This time, they hoped, with some more enthusiasm and dedication by the finance company to whom they turned for their funding requirement. But, as sometimes happen with these organizations, they are not efficient and Schenkelberg responded in stronger terms when he stated: “They are not geared up to the job. We needed a decision within a reasonable time but a reasonable time to process any cash flow related funding requirement mustn’t take months but weeks. We are not waiting until we are running out of cash! This afternoon I have withdrawn our application for funding with immediate effect. We have other prospective locations in the pipeline and we will now laser focus on these.”

What happens next?

Unprecedented, family and friends last week have been able to put together funds to assist the business couple with the monies they need to give their ‘can’ a new dress and to hopefully enable them to resume trading in the interim until resolving issues in relation to their London trading pitch.


new dress for 'can'

The Islington food outlet plan, a take away shop that was to be named after Rainer Schenkelberg, hasn’t been materialized but the tribute is not forgotten; “Tribute to whom tribute is due. It is certainly the late brother of my dad ‘my beloved uncle Rainer’ to whom tribute must be paid.” Gian Schenkelberg, the Junior Director, explained and he points to a story posted last night by his father on social media:

Facebook - 03/09/15
Facebook – 03/09/15

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