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Shop open

Saturday the 4th in Walthamstow

Dear Customers,

We have asked the market management to help us to restart our bratwurst shop on Saturday this week.

It’s been a tough going couple of weeks with lots of uncertainty as to whether we should or shouldn’t continue with our trading missions on for us ‘difficult’ market terrain (see previous blog post).

We came to the conclusion that, having now completed all legal requirements for our dinner home delivery service to homes in Potters Bar, that we should be full of confidence that we will be making enough to ensure viability within no time; lunch time on markets, dinner for the community in Potters Bar and events in the summer for the fun-loving Brits.

We are currently concerned about our car ‘s starter battery as the procedures in the garage when they tested and fixed the electrical fault on the wiring has obviously caused the battery to drain.

Please help to send us the crowd to the ‘can’. We will be at the known location on the market, just around the corner from St James Street overground station.



p style=”text-align:left”>Hope to see you all!

Your team at European’s longest market

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