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our ‘festival can’ @Mid-Summer Festival in Lyton

First the good news: There will be German food available at the festival!!

three years on, food truck developed
food truck

We are all very excited about the forthcoming event this coming SUNDAY but the prospect of us being the one serving German food at the event has now been hampered; the council’s event team, apparently unaware of progress with the food stall arrangements of their outsourced event management organization, has apparently booked in another German vendor for the event.

Event details:

We are awaiting news by the event organizers to clarify things. We are not giving up on this wonderful opportunity for our ‘can’ to spoil the visitors of the festival with delicious and healthy cooked German food.

Finger’s crossed we will take part. If the worst thing that can happen does happen we will have our fees reimbursed and we will be able to select a replacement event. We have a long summer ahead and as it looks plenty of sunshine and there are hundreds and hundreds of events being held this coming summer.

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Currywurst madness in Aylesbury

Two weeks on and the German food wagon team is full of praise for the well managed market in the market square of Aylesbury. “People over here love our Currywurst!,” said Stefan Schenkelberg, owner.

They serve the currywurst sauce over the Bratwurst with an extra sprinkling of curry powder. Curried sausage enjoyment with a new twist!

currywurst meal
currywurst meal

Aylesbury is great for tourists on the budget because in every part of the town there are halal meat stands, burger bars, nice sandwich bars, simply small stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables and of course the ‘curry’ wurst stall so there is no fear anyone could stay hungry.

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering sends their can to the market three days a week.

You can visit Regina and Stefan’s food stall every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Just look out for the Giant Coca Cola Can!

market square Aylesbury
historical market place of Aylesbury





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traditional Bratwurst classic style

Here we are. having spent almost 30 months of service and our Bratwurst emerged to be the top favorite food we offered. It’s the plain sausage they are looking for, but the sausage has to have the distinctive taste, the spicy taste of a sizzling German Bratwurst. It has for this reason become unthinkable for us to go out serving with the ‘coke can’ without the famous pork delight onboard.


 This week we have our
“Week of Specials”

Get yourself the Bratwurst classic style meal for only ¬£4.50! and best of all, we don’t charge for delivery if you live in Braintree.