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three weeks on – at Cranborne Industrial Estate

The Potters Bar location for our ‘can’ has not yet proven to be of great value. Some people say, “you only have been there for a couple of weeks, what you expect?” Others (a small group of people) said when they walked pass us (one could listen to the young man’s words): “What is so special here?” They could have found out for themselves but choose to look away in their ignorance.

back in Potters Bar

We have been in the paper with a mention of our location when our boss got generous exposure by Welwyn Hatfield Times for his effort to run the London Marathon in aid of his brother to raise funds for Action Medical Research.

We are now doing our final bit in our effort to boost business and we have given us time until May the 10th. If we have not achieved a dramatic increase in takings we will depart from this pitch and we will give pitches in industrial estates a miss and concentrate on festivals and markets. Books of vouchers, each worth about £6, will be distributed to the management of about 60 companies in the industrial estate early next week:

DSC_0403“German food such as the Bratwurst and the Currywurst are two of the top German food items and if people don’t realize that we offer top quality they simply don’t deserve us any longer,” Stefan Schenkelberg (the owner) explained when asked about the situation. “We have taken more on a dusty lay by in Essex three years ago after we introduced the Bratwurst on our menu,” he added.

We have recently been visited by officers of Hertsmere Environmental Health Department and we are currently putting our efforts to cooperate with them to ensure that their inspection will lead for us to an upgrade of our ratings.

Their menu covers delicious food items from Germany for your lunch break, so pull over to sample the good food from the wurstman in Potters Bar. .. Monday to Thursday