Walthamstow market improvements

European’s largest flea market in London’s Waltham Forest District is a tough place to be for food stalls…. for the time being.

The food stall operators now decided to move on. Regrettably, after their initial twelve months trial period on Walthamstow’s market they admitted that it didn’t work out for them.

Stefan Schenkelberg, one of the owners, spoke with someone at the Council’s Street Trading Department to evaluate possibilities to move our food trailer towards the crowded areas of the market and away from the back-end of the market. They had been sending their iconic food trailer to an area with high footfall and they were seeking to get a permanent pitch. Here is essentially how Tony, one of the managers from the council’s street trading department responded to their plea: ‘This is, sadly, no longer possible. There are two problems:

The dimension of our food trailer, the 10.2 ft tall Giant Can

The smell it gives up’ (I admit German Bratwurst has a distinguished smell)

He elaborated further on this and pointed to the complaints from the brick and mortar coffee shops and restaurants/ take away shops previously. They threatened the Council, Tony admitted, to sue them for £60.000,00 in damages (loss of business), should they again allow us to move close to their businesses. The smell has, according to these business owners, a detrimental effect on them.

Food Truck
Food Truck

The business couple find it ridiculous and Stefan blamed these high street businesses for not performing well enough to bother about the street traders.

The Council surely is in a difficult situation to mediate between the two customer types, that is high value business rate paying customers of the high street and casual street food traders.

We don’t object to the Council’s instruction to have our pitch location in a low footfall area ‘away from the crowd’ but we will find solutions on how to move on with our venture. Stefan is actively looking for an alternative location in London’s West End. “We are competing with the ‘big’ boys in the market’s food establishments…. but we will win in the end. It’s very much a mobility issue here.” Stefan explained.

market map
market map

The Council also is doing their bit to help food stall owners. They have designated the low footfall area as a food court and banner advertising makes visitors to the market aware of it. “Currently, they lack of the ‘variety’.. there are only a handful of food stalls. In my humble opinion, not enough for an area to be designated as a food court,” Stefan explained. They also plan to extend the business hours so that food stall owners can serve for an extended period in the evening.

The high street is currently undergoing a development program.

Walthamstow’s High Street Regeneration Programme works includes, as we understand, the continuation of an environmental enhancement scheme, and the development of an improved ‘market place’. Too late for the Schenkelberg’s to consider further involvement: ‘We are here to make monies but are currently only making pennies,’ Regina Schenkelberg pointed out.


With warm regards,

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill | Business Development Team



Marylebone trade




p style=”text-align:left”>Day one of our new Saturday taste buds spoiling at this wonderful market in the London Borough of Westminster proved to be successful and also well-timed.

The Walthamstow Market in the London Borough of Waltham Forest has more a character of a flea market with cheap and very cheap goods for bargain hunters whereas Marylebone offers bedazzled visitors with quality materials, the finest fabrics and sophisticated details. Food stalls are painstakingly selected and we believe a Bavarian themed food stand fits well with the quality conscious visitors of the Marylebone market.

In terms of footfall East London’s Walthamstow market impresses by a large majority of foreigners. Mainly, as far as our demographic survey revealed when we looked at customers to our food stall, from Eastern Europe, places like Romania, Poland and Turkey. A few German people also visited our stall.

This week, the beginning of the school holidays, showed a substantial decline in Walthamstow for us and… we were even and at times struggling.

We look forward to day 2 of the Cabbages & Frocks market this coming Saturday and would like to invite you and your family to join us at Rainer’s Bavarian Grill where we offer again a variety of Gourmet food items from our flagship kitchen; Rainer’s Bavarian Grill is housed in a 10.2 feet high Giant Can.

 Warmest regards
Stefan Schenkelberg
Founder – Business Development





Moved again in Walthamstow


My dear Customers and Friends, Fans of German Food,

the Council plays a difficult part in their strive to assist high business rate paying customers and no business rate customers unbiased.

We have commenced trading in the crowded area in Walthamstow’s prestigious market arena….away from the crime riddled low footfall area further down the road. Impact on Rainer’s Bavarian Grill by moving up the road: The immediate effect was an increase of takings but on the downside of things we became a thorn in the side of those who hated us.

This resulted in the Council’s action to ban us from the higher footfall area and move us back to the end bit of the market.

The Council’s officials word things in a friendly manner. But they do not understand the implications of their actions. We aren’t blocking any more businesses at another location as we already do at our previous location. The market management wrote, I quote:
“I am glad the new space worked for you but unfortunately your stall has proven inappropriate in that location due to its size. It has been blocking various shops in the vicinity so you will need to relocate to your original position at Y07 from next week. If Mr Chipperfield needs your assistance he will need to move his stall down to Y06 for this purpose.”



p style=”text-align:center”>My own interpretation of things: Corrupt take away shop and restaurant owners at any rate hated the sight of our Giant Can quality food mobile kitchen, waiting in vain as they did for the latter to convince their customers to avoid rubbish food from market stalls. Our customers come again and again and they don’t distinguish between a restaurant build in brick and mortar or a restaurant type such as ours. The quality matters to them and this is our greatest advantage!

what happens next?
The Council promised to look into it but they stated:
“Until this situation is resolved you will need to trade from Y07 on Walthamstow Market.”

Immediate Consequences
Sadly, we felt we needed to cancel the attendance at Coggeshall Carnival as it is now expected that our cash flow situation will suffer as a result of the relocation by the Council!

I will keep you updated of things as they progress.

Warm regards,
Stefan Schenkelberg
Director –
Business Development Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

first three days

Good Evening Friends,

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering entered a new phase of operation last week when their flagship catering mobile ‘Rainer’s Bavarian Grill’ was set up for the first time at Walthamstow Market in London E17 7DB.

inside street restaurant
Gourmet Express M C customer service experience

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill (formerly known as the Giant Can), the crowd pulling burger van experience of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering for now over five years, is located on 20 High Street, Walthamstow, just 2 minutes walk from St James Street train station.

St James Street train station next to Rainer's Bavarian Grill
St James Street train station Walthamstow

In addition to the marquee Gourmet Express M C utilizes an even more unique structure, a 10-foot tall Can with a small kitchen inside.

A pure and natural ethos characterizes the cooking style of Regina and Stefan Schenkelberg with their upmarket mobile restaurant.

Burgers and more
Burgers and more..

Bold flavors emerge from their innovative compositions, while simple preparations of authentic Bavarian meat products and other offerings subtly tease the palate. With a focus on authentic German quality meat products including of course the finest supersized burger with the full aromatic flavour called ‘Frikadelle’, the food truck hosts ensure a dining experience unlike any other. Sumptuous and visually arresting desserts from Executive Pastry Chef Regina Schenkelberg conclude the dining experience on a sublime note.

Come and join us this coming week. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from
11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Your Business Development Team
@Gourmet Express Mobile Catering