Acton Market hick up

Today we lost trade but we gained exposure. 7 hours travelling through the streets of London.



p style=”text-align:left”>arrived at the market at 9:33am following a journey of 2 hours (2 hours for a distance of no more than 20 miles) – that”s london for you.

Tomorrow we will be back. It will mean we need to depart from Potters Bar at 7:00am to be on the market at 9:00. Lesson learnt.

Warm regards
Stefan Schenkelberg
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

2016 – year in review

This year was the year of changes for Rainer’s Bavarian Grill with trails and tribulations.

Back in April, following supportive intervention by a number of London Borough’s Councillors, we did find a regular trading pitch in London E17. The conditions were favorable for the food trailer’s couple.

It was a challenging time as we went on a journey to ‘taste the waters’  as the Americans saying goes. It more and more became clear that the trading location wasn’t what we wished it to be in midst a majority of Muslim people. We love being among our fellow human beings but had to realize that they don’t eat pork.

queue at the can
provided by a customer who wrote a review at

The summer approached and we got invitations to send our ‘can’ to a number of small events. One of the highlights certainly has been when we attended the Community in Harmony Event in Southend-on-Sea.

Community in Harmony
Community in Harmony

In September we checked out a market place in the village of Marylebone in the London Borough of Westminster. The Cabbages & Frocks market surely doesn’t fall short of the expectation of markets in London’s upmarket shopping areas. Stalls offering designer clothes and jewelry and a variety of exclusive offers including of course Bavarian cuisine.

designer clothes
designer clothes
people walking pass to attend an event in the famous Marylebone Church
people walking pass to attend an event in the famous Marylebone Church

Back in November we have been able to rediscover the market in the historical town square of Aylesbury in the County of Buckinghamshire. The market management invited us over to attend their Friday Food Markets.

The Buy British initiative matters to us. This year we have changed our suppliers for the wurst. A Oxfordshire butcher store supplies us with finest wurst. Why the British meat store for the German sausage? Simply, the Brits are able to provide German sausages and they do a damn good job (they knew it, it’s Newitt):

British-German hot dogs
new hotdogs produced in Great Britain

The owner’s health a concern!

As with some husband and wife run business the success or failure depends on the owners good health. If one owner is ill, the business is ‘still’.. Stefan Schenkelberg, certainly not someone lacking fitness (bearing in mind he did run the London Marathon two years ago at the age of 51), suffers especially in the cold winter months. Today he recovers in bed from a nasty flu.

owner's picture
pictured on the left

His career was constantly interrupted by illness; since early childhood he had suffered from chronic bronchitis and respiratory infections which were always accompanied by severe coughing spasms.

As for 2017 the caterers have come up with plans to introduce a delivery service from home for the community of Potters Bar. This is now progressing and the infrastructure is already in place. Bikes, delivery drivers are waiting to be deployed. The app is already up and running so people can order our food using their iPhones or smartphones.

our new app
our new app

It is anticipated that we will have all licenses in place by the third week in January 2017.

To our valued customers, friends and all who supported us this year, last not least to mention the 12000 + followers on twitter.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill
Regina, Stefan & Trevor

Christmas Food Truck
Christmas Food Truck

Walthamstow Market has lots to offer….

Some impressions of the market..






Just a few traders around our own stall. Oh, I forgot, there is one more I should mention..


…so common bargain hunters. And there are clothes, further up the road.



p style=”text-align:left”>Enjoy the browsing…

Warm regards,
Stefan Schenkelberg
Gourmet Express Mobile Catering

Mobile gourmet express food on the up..

“German Gourmet Express food and fun on demand in England – people at our food truck”

Tribute to Rainer
Tribute to Rainer

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s motto: Attention must be attracted, products must stand in the “spotlight” and the focus must be directed to the essential things.

princesses at our food trailer
High visit; Carnival princesses visited their food trailer










The Schenkelberg couple invented this business back in 2010 just when the economic downturn started and are still going. They have seen street markets falling into disrepair that came close to closing down. The economy now shows signs of recovery and Stefan Schenkelberg is confident that this trend will continue. For the German food vendor in London it was an uphill task. Stefan explains: “Part of our problems was getting the street trading license in good locations. We see a clear presumption against issuing street trader licenses within the London area. ‘The policy apparently is designed to protect existing, rates-paying businesses’ but means that while mobile food traders outside high footfall areas find licences relatively easy to come by, upmarket non-“non”-healthy burger van operators face an uphill battle.”

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering supporting Action Medical Research
Gourmet Express Mobile Catering pledged to continue with support for Action Medical Research

October started and the new chapter has just begun and Rainer’s Bavarian Grill has been born just in time for a re-launch at Edmonton’s Green Shopping Centre as their regular trading pitch. It is anticipated that they will be ready to launch by the end of October.

TV channels and local media have been

Tribute to Rainer
Tribute to Rainer

informed (preliminary write-ups/ press releases are out!) and the Schenkelberg’s hope now last on a massive publicity drive to help making their dream to settle in London N9 become true.

Small setbacks this year haven’t prevented the couple from marching ahead with plans that they believe will revolutionize the way people perceive mobile food outlets and street food culture in general in the future.

The food truck operator’s plan was to attend once more the European’s apparently largest Sunday outdoor market in Blackbushe. However, this is now becoming unlikely to happen as the market has closed it’s doors. Sadly, a fall in trade and customers has been blamed for the closure of Blackbushe Market. Read the full story here: Blackbushe Market closes with immediate effect

spoiling taste buds in Blackbushe
spoiling taste buds in Blackbushe

resuming trade in second week of October


We aim to re-launch in London N9 towards the end of October.

You will see our newly designed food wagon on the 11th of October 2015 for the first time since our exit from Nags Head Indoor Market in London. Times and

Tribute to Rainer
Tribute to Rainer

location t.b.c.

Last week, our food trailer ‘underwent’ a makeover. The picture; Sometimes you’ll have to negotiate a small difference in height, but even people with vertigo love to work here.

can's makeover
the can’s makeover

The new coat for our ‘can’ was designed using our in-house desk-top equipment and the artwork sent off to get the new 510g heavy banner, measuring 7 x 3 square meters, produced. The banner was produced by and shipped to England within seven days.



Fitted to the ‘can’ the old image of the Giant Coca Cola Can became ‘a thing of the past’ and the new image of Rainer’s Bavarian Grill’s Giant Tree Can emerged:

Rainer's Bavarian Grill
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

We feel the result is stunning, brighter and more tailor-made, to create a perfect corporate image for Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s mobile unit number one.
The finishing touches are under way but this takes time as we are expected to attend a two-day-exhibition event at Royal Victoria Dock, London…more info

Takeaway Innovation Expo 2015
Takeaway Innovation Expo – Europe’s leading event for takeaway restaurant owners

To celebrate our 5th anniversary this year, we have introduced a few new Gourmet Express menus and we hope everyone will be able to find something suitable.

Please come and see what we’ve done, we feel certain you will like the results.

Regina and Stefan

Wendover – Bockwurst and more..

Hope you enjoyed the video. If not, don’t click the like button below. For feedback we are always grateful, as well as for your comments.

We had an enjoyable weekend at Wendover’s Garden Centre. More and more members of staff at the centre came to enjoy our wurst. Our Bavarian man went out to the centre of the Christmas market inside the centre and spoiled customers with delicious lebkuchen (gingerman).

Next week we will have our themed marquee launched and we will have a surprise…


More soon,


Stefan Schenkelberg, founder


Sausages and more..

At Gourmet Express Mobile Catering we take great pride in the quality of our products. We are fully-dedicated to providing the perceived service of a gourmet fast food provider and high-quality products customers have come to value.

Bratwurst from the airfryer
standard sized Rostbratwurst

The price of our Bratwurst in a roll is reasonable. We haven’t changed our price for this exquisite food item for two years. Prices in the U.K. vary; Some charge for a Thuringer Rostbratwurst, 15 to 20 cm long, significantly more.

We source the products for our stall from trusted sources but have a disadvantage when we compare e.g. burger stalls that sell  British burgers. They source their burgers locally either from butchers or  purchase them in bulk from the cash and carry wholesale. The Bratwurst is not yet adopted as widely as the burgers are hence finding wholesalers for this specific German meat product proves difficult in the U.K.. However, being one of the only street food providers using modern air frying technique as supposed to the popular deep frying option, the food products we serve contains a very significant reduction in fat content.. see more  Therefore any arguments made about our food not reaching the healthy standards set by traders sourcing their meat directly from butchers, pig farms etc can be trashed.

German food stall
Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s German food stall

Our mission is to conquer the market with meaty German sausages renowned worldwide to be of highest quality. Although operating in a niche market we do not intend to limit our target audience. Everybody who eats meat is a potential customer! Having said this, gaining this rather prominent trading pitch in front of a superstore has some huge advantages for our strategy to grow the business. Our plan to import our meat products directly from Germany will certainly give us a competitive edge for the future. However, without the sales volume in place any such plans would  negatively impact our bottom line.