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German rollmops.. tasty hangover cure and food to cheer you up

 Rollmops is a German dish which mainly consists of the herring fish. It is a good hangover remedy and is tasty too. It is a pickled version of herring and is usually served with sour cream and onions.

You can tell I’m German. I love currywurst, Schnitzel is my favourite meat and I never say no to Bockwurst, especially the ones that when you bite in it feel like you eat crispy food. But the real clincher is how much I heart herring. I adore them with chips, but nothing tops the rollmop. Shiny silver herring soused with onion, spices and cucumber in a tiger bread roll?


To me it’s a treat of such delight, I’d be more likely to pick up some pickled fish than chocolate if I wanted to cheer myself up… Gourmet Express M C offers now Rollmops as an addition to their menu.

This dish was popular in 19th century Germany. Historical sources claim that Berlin was renowned for producing the best rollmops during that period. Their popularity has reportedly spread to many countries around the world and this dish continues to be enjoyed today.

Guten Appetit!

Stefan Schenkelberg
founder, Gourmet Express M C