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Sausages and more..

At Gourmet Express Mobile Catering we take great pride in the quality of our products. We are fully-dedicated to providing the perceived service of a gourmet fast food provider and high-quality products customers have come to value.

Bratwurst from the airfryer
standard sized Rostbratwurst

The price of our Bratwurst in a roll is reasonable. We haven’t changed our price for this exquisite food item for two years. Prices in the U.K. vary; Some charge for a Thuringer Rostbratwurst, 15 to 20 cm long, significantly more.

We source the products for our stall from trusted sources but have a disadvantage when we compare e.g. burger stalls that sell  British burgers. They source their burgers locally either from butchers or  purchase them in bulk from the cash and carry wholesale. The Bratwurst is not yet adopted as widely as the burgers are hence finding wholesalers for this specific German meat product proves difficult in the U.K.. However, being one of the only street food providers using modern air frying technique as supposed to the popular deep frying option, the food products we serve contains a very significant reduction in fat content.. see more  Therefore any arguments made about our food not reaching the healthy standards set by traders sourcing their meat directly from butchers, pig farms etc can be trashed.

German food stall
Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s German food stall

Our mission is to conquer the market with meaty German sausages renowned worldwide to be of highest quality. Although operating in a niche market we do not intend to limit our target audience. Everybody who eats meat is a potential customer! Having said this, gaining this rather prominent trading pitch in front of a superstore has some huge advantages for our strategy to grow the business. Our plan to import our meat products directly from Germany will certainly give us a competitive edge for the future. However, without the sales volume in place any such plans would  negatively impact our bottom line.


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“Sometimes you fall flat on your face” Bad weather ended last weeks’ trade without good results.

bad weather on layby One of those days. You never know. It’s a gamble and it’s up to you whether you take it or not.. We did and we paid the price. But today, another story… blue sky 25c Celsius/ beach weather Well, I am sitting in my garden with a bottle of cider, ice-cooled and my good wife and head of the operation prepares a nice dinner for the family ….. just relaxing   SEE YOU OUT THERE .. on the layby #A131, tomorrow