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News from Walthamstow

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill has moved towards the centre of the market.

The slight change of location for the mobile food provider was meant to offer help and support to the Chipperfields couple.

BOBAYUMM BUBBLE TEA have made a name on the market for their offerings of finest bubble tea. The husband and wife team are now proud parents of a baby boy and we offered to keep a close eye on their stall in times of ‘manpower’ shortage in these for the couple stressful times.

It may also mean better business opportunities for us as we move from a very low footfall area slightly up to be in a fairly good area.

To find out about our new location details I have added a picture of the map below.


We are all excited about these changes. Please come to visit us from Tuesday to Friday at our new location but on a Saturday as normal at the newly designed area for a new food court.

So far, the market visitors have not acknowledged nor appreciated the move by the council; We hope that the London Borough of Waltham Forest will eventually develope this new market area to be Walthamstow’s new addition to an already fantastic market place….for the whole family to visit again and again.

Without proper promotion and the attraction of more quality food stalls it will always remain, as I see it, a “food court without substance.”



p style=”text-align:left”>I wish our American customers and friends a happy Independence Day today!

Warm regards
Stefan Schenkelberg


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Praise for Gourmet Express M C

Good Evening,

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill ( is now operating in Walthamstow since the End of April this year.

Our Bavarian themed German food stall stands out indeed and on a Saturday it becomes the attraction for the whole of the family. Visit Walthamstow and the St James Street Station end of the market where a new food court is to be created by the LB of Waltham Forest for the many visitors this 1.75 miles long market street attracts.

People are beginning to paise the food stall and we are very proud to be able to achieve the endorsement and hope that many more reviews will follow as our food stall becomes established.
To check out our first review, go here: THE REVIEW

I wish you and your families a relaxing bank holiday tomorrow and a successful new week.

Warm regards,
Stefan Schenkelberg, founder


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Sausages and more..

At Gourmet Express Mobile Catering we take great pride in the quality of our products. We are fully-dedicated to providing the perceived service of a gourmet fast food provider and high-quality products customers have come to value.

Bratwurst from the airfryer
standard sized Rostbratwurst

The price of our Bratwurst in a roll is reasonable. We haven’t changed our price for this exquisite food item for two years. Prices in the U.K. vary; Some charge for a Thuringer Rostbratwurst, 15 to 20 cm long, significantly more.

We source the products for our stall from trusted sources but have a disadvantage when we compare e.g. burger stalls that sell  British burgers. They source their burgers locally either from butchers or  purchase them in bulk from the cash and carry wholesale. The Bratwurst is not yet adopted as widely as the burgers are hence finding wholesalers for this specific German meat product proves difficult in the U.K.. However, being one of the only street food providers using modern air frying technique as supposed to the popular deep frying option, the food products we serve contains a very significant reduction in fat content.. see more  Therefore any arguments made about our food not reaching the healthy standards set by traders sourcing their meat directly from butchers, pig farms etc can be trashed.

German food stall
Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s German food stall

Our mission is to conquer the market with meaty German sausages renowned worldwide to be of highest quality. Although operating in a niche market we do not intend to limit our target audience. Everybody who eats meat is a potential customer! Having said this, gaining this rather prominent trading pitch in front of a superstore has some huge advantages for our strategy to grow the business. Our plan to import our meat products directly from Germany will certainly give us a competitive edge for the future. However, without the sales volume in place any such plans would  negatively impact our bottom line.


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boosting high street trade: Yes to Mary Portas but No to German Food Truck

first released 5th November 2012 – revised 3rd July 2013

article by Keith Harris, Chief Editor of

We chat with Regina & Stefan Schenkelberg of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s Giant Coke Can German Specialties Food Truck Celebrates One Year On The Road.

This past month, Regina Schenkelberg and Stefan Schenkelberg, the owners of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering, celebrated one year on the A131 road. Stefan admits that it’s been a long journey in their quest to master the ins and outs of both Essex street food scene and the world of self-employment and entrepreneurship. but it’s been a journey they have been proud to take.

The couple, the former real estate brokers, lost everything in their homeland of Germany when they became involuntary victims of crime and corruption some 18 years ago, have taken the leap early last year to food trailer owners and Stefan says that although there have been challenges, they have never looked back.

Influenced by the time Regina spent cooking with her mother, she brings those memories and flavours to life through her German inspired food trailer. Specialties include Wiener Schnitzel, Bratwurst with curry ketchup, Bockwurst, made from both Chicken & Turkey or pork, with potato salad. This fall, Regina promises that we will see more authentic food such as Curry Wurst as well as a variety of soups on the menu.

I talked to Stefan on the phone and he spoke very candidly about what pushes their fight against Braintree, what inspires their cooking, and what he thinks would be the best fast food meal.

What led you to opening Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s food truck business and why using a spectacularly looking Coke tin shape?
It’s one of those things where you do it (my wife I should say!) as a hobby at first, and you are always that one person who cooks for everybody at birthday parties, friends always ask you to prepare stuff for baby showers, wedding showers, all that stuff I really just got to this point in my life where I thought, “I am either going to support tuning her hobby into a full-time job and career or we are never going to do it.” The choice of truck. Yes, this is a bit funny. We have been choosing a toilet shaped trailer but our car at the time wasn’t powerful enough to tow any such trailer so we opted to buy into this rather unusual shape for our fast food trailer business. It took us over six months to equip and then go through these rules and restrictions in order to have our trailer successfully examined by food and hygiene officials.

the tin before the refurbishment
coca cola, location, food truck, setting up


Stefan, what do you think is the best fast food meal?
That’s easy to answer. Certainly the one we are working on to offer. People will flock in as if there is no tomorrow when they hear we offer traditional German Curry Wurst and Pommes with mayonnaise. This is by far the most favorite ‘hot snack’ available in Germany. They love it with Pommes (chips).

curry wurst image
  • Kindly advise when you anticipate to be able to offer this Curry Wurst meals?
    There are still issues to resolve to be able to complete the research for the best recipe of the sauce. People keep it as a secret so you have to dig deep to get to the bottom of it. Before my 50th birthday in March we’ll have it, I promise!

 Stefan, what was as the American entertainer, Oprah would call it your “A-HA!”
(imagine Oprah voice) moment?
Having worked as dishwasher, factory worker, in freelance language translation and web design and as freelance management consultant since coming to England ‘The Giant Coke Can Venture’ has definitely beaten all my expectations and I love supporting my wife with my skills. I was preparing for another go in self-employment since we came to East Sussex and I attended many networking events and conferences in the London business start-up community. So I would listen to all these founders talk about their experiences and what inspires them. They always said and this is something that Mike (Southen), a respected business professional whose work is quite regularly published in the London Times, once said to me. “You know? When you want to start a business, it’s no longer a hobby when you want to quit your full-time job. You can’t pursue it unless you quit your full-time job.” He talked about how there is a difference between starting a business and creating something. People talk about doing “something” all the time, but very few people actually do it. I would see all these young entrepreneurs and it was really inspiring to be around all that energy. I was turning forty-eight when I considered going into the service industry having *tangible products to market and I thought, “if I don’t do it now I will never do it.” So that for me was kind of the moment where I realized that I had just had to make the leap or not. My wife has a real passion for cooking and baking so the question what industry we both would want to end up tackling was clear from the outset.

The trailer, Gourmet Express Mobile Catering, is celebrating it’s one year anniversary. What have you learned this year about Braintree’s street food industry (your home territory, because I understand you lived in Braintree since 2005)?

one year on, food truck developed
food truck

Well, we are actually eighteen months in business but 1 year on the road site (lay-by), located on the A131 off Great Leighs. It’s been a challenge on the one side and a fight on the other. Trading on a road site is tough business, for every food truck, not just us. I tried to find a pitch for one day a week on Braintree’s farmer market but failed because of these big stipulations and rules that we heard the town was enforcing. Rules that have made it very difficult for food truck owners to grow their business in Braintree and coming across that was the most frustrating thing I had ever experienced. Braintree is supposed to be ‘home ground’ where we live and work for now almost eight years. Coming off my job, all I wanted to do was to be an entrepreneur along with my wife and run our business without all these ludicrous restrictions in place. If we are going to be put out of business, it’s going to be because we have put out a bad product, not because of some government regulation, and we are not putting out a bad product. I had this moment where I thought “What did I get myself into?” We were working around the clock running a business, lobbying and even starting petitions. There were nights I didn’t go to sleep until 4a.m. and then back-up at 7a.m. again. I kept thinking, “What is this all for? Did we make the right decision? “Well” I said to myself, “monopoly is greed – competition is healthy.” This is not realized by these government officials who only welcome British food and British fast food vendors (as an example of their stall holders arrangements. Go look what Braintree offers when you stroll through their Saturday markets; Two burger vans. It is our good food that they think presents a danger for their burger vans, one of my customers, who used to only eat at burger vans before we opened our German specialities truck, pointed this out to me. I spoke to another food truck owner who experienced the same, he said: “You know, even though we didn’t win against the town no one wanted to fight them. You stood up and whether you run your business or you came and fought for multi-cultural food, you made difference.” It was at that point that I realized that even though it seems hard, you have to fight through those moments. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

What do you think about the food truck’s parking spots after the planned redevelopment of the Braintree bus park that the Braintree government proposed in a letter to answer your complaint?
Well, I have spent eleven months being very angry at the market management and I have accepted the fact that I have fought my best. Now we have to just figure out how we are going to continue to grow. However, I always look at everything with a grain of salt. They will say one thing, but behind closed doors, another thing will happen. I will say that the locations will be better following the redevelopment of the town and these are really ideal spots. It’s a good first step, but I’d like to see them open up more and more stands in the town’s market area. I think once they see the culture the food trucks can create, the town will be more open to allowing the trucks in. My only concern is that I hope they don’t try to make it difficult for younger food truck business to get into the scene versus the big chains.

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering
The Giant Coke Can can be found at a variety of street fests (Carnival) and booked privately for catering, wedding events, and corporate parties. Find out more about The Giant Coke Can on its website or via Facebook or Twitter.

Twitter: @GExpMobCatering