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Gourmet Express Mobile Catering, the popular Giant Can (for many known as ‘German food wagon with the Bavarian style marquee’) spot in Aylesbury, is temporarily closed for “restructuring and retooling” and will reopen in a few days time.

“We are re-engineering the menu, and looking at the whole structure of the business,” said owner Stefan Schenkelberg in a phone interview on Tuesday. Schenkelberg disputed rumors — heard around town and posted on a local message board — that the food stall was shutting its doors for good.

icy can
ice and snow and the can, Bavarian street food on hold

Schenkelberg said he decided to take advantage of the Winter lull in street food markets to make some changes, and the ‘restaurant’ will reopen in a few days time.

He said there will be some “new management and procedures” in place; the ‘can crew’ will remain the same for now.

When asked if any renovations were taking place, Schenkelberg said “nothing major. I don’t want people expecting a makeover.”

Schenkelberg said this time of year was slow for the ‘restaurant,’ as it is for many of our fellow street restaurant and food cart owners. Also, when there are adverse weather conditions such as freezing temperatures and snow, the ‘can’ sees a dip in business. “If there’s no brick and mortal restaurant, it’s out of sight, out of mind,” he said.

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