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resuming trade in second week of October


We aim to re-launch in London N9 towards the end of October.

You will see our newly designed food wagon on the 11th of October 2015 for the first time since our exit from Nags Head Indoor Market in London. Times and

Tribute to Rainer
Tribute to Rainer

location t.b.c.

Last week, our food trailer ‘underwent’ a makeover. The picture; Sometimes you’ll have to negotiate a small difference in height, but even people with vertigo love to work here.

can's makeover
the can’s makeover

The new coat for our ‘can’ was designed using our in-house desk-top equipment and the artwork sent off to get the new 510g heavy banner, measuring 7 x 3 square meters, produced. The banner was produced by and shipped to England within seven days.



Fitted to the ‘can’ the old image of the Giant Coca Cola Can became ‘a thing of the past’ and the new image of Rainer’s Bavarian Grill’s Giant Tree Can emerged:

Rainer's Bavarian Grill
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

We feel the result is stunning, brighter and more tailor-made, to create a perfect corporate image for Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s mobile unit number one.
The finishing touches are under way but this takes time as we are expected to attend a two-day-exhibition event at Royal Victoria Dock, London…more info

Takeaway Innovation Expo 2015
Takeaway Innovation Expo – Europe’s leading event for takeaway restaurant owners

To celebrate our 5th anniversary this year, we have introduced a few new Gourmet Express menus and we hope everyone will be able to find something suitable.

Please come and see what we’ve done, we feel certain you will like the results.

Regina and Stefan

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an apology – webdesign with difficulties

Over the last weekend I broke the single sign on integration, linking important pages of our new state-of-the-art webdesign. It was broken for seven days while I was sick, working on our project for growth and prosperity, and trying to enjoy some portion of Easter holiday family life.

I shouldn’t have pushed for feedback. The response was; I got about 5 emails from my friends on LinkedIN and also Facebook, letting me know how my mistake was impacting users, that is impacting ‘them’ people reaching out to help us to the success we are seeking.

This morning I read your chapter on how to say you’re sorry. I already knew I needed to apologize, but it helped me to be human about it rather than corporate. Here’s what I sent:

 Over the weekend I attempted to improve the webdesign and ‘bridged’ the broken links. Sadly, I didn’t do it straight away and caused these problems.

Thanks for understanding. Software is hard – I learn something new every day. Unfortunately sometimes I’m learning from my mistakes!

I appreciate the reminder Donald Trump gave me this morning to be myself (I am a great admirer of Donald Trump and have read some books written by him).



Warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg,, Business (Web) Development

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our brand new look

new website
new frontpage

We’re beyond excited that our full content based, brand new website is now life!

The result of the new design (we believe!) is a clean, simple and most powerful look and feel using a user friendly-interface. 

We love that we’ve bucket the common design trends in the food industry and made a choice to stand out rather than blend in. And most importantly, we’ve kept our design values of bold, positive and simple at the centre throughout the entire process.

By taking a minimalist approach, we’ve been able to create a unique look that sits well with our products and serves as a good brand recognition booster. Having said that we have re-branded the name of our food stall as a tribute to the owner’s loss of his much loved brother Rainer recently.  Rainer’s Bavarian Grill will from now on be the theme of our mobile food business and you will soon see a transformation of our ‘can’ to reflect the changes.

This might sound crazy, but one of the things we love the most about the new emerging website is the challenge to develop parts of it as we go along. Stefan Schenkelberg is currently putting all efforts into the task of taking our small business to the next level.

The healthy approach to cooking does make a difference; The design shows prominent images of an incredible business couple from Germany, whose lives have been changed through the help of the Brits that have faithfully purchased our products to spoil their taste buds. We can’t wait to keep changing more lives as the serving of our food products from Germany keep ticking.

So now we’ve told you what we think of the new webdesign so far. We want to hear what you think! Take a look and scroll through the pages and please leave a comment.

Have a lovely weekend!

Warm wishes and Guten Appetit from all of us here at Rainer’s Bavarian Grill